Scrub a dub dub experiment

It is not yet 6 am and we are hurtling toward Kansas City. I slept okay, off and on, but got up early to try out a new thing for me on Amtrak: the shower in the sleeper car. My experiment taught me a few things:

1. The shower is so much better than I expected. Loads of hot water, a full shower height, and good water pressure. You set the temp and then push a button to make the water come out and you do have to press the button over and over, but its a good travel system for conserving water usage.

2. Most folks seemed to use it in the evening, so getting up early if you want a towel seems the way to go. I got the last towel and I got in at 5:25 am.

3. There was also none of the complimentary hard-to-open packets of shampoo left by the time I used it. I had taken some from a magazine at work before I left so I was a-okay, but something to consider. I left my magazine packet for the next shower user because there was tons of shampoo left in it.

The shower is not like you are at home, or even necessarily like a hotel, but it does the job. I put almost all the same clothes back on so I still feel rather train-smelly, but my hair is clean and I feel overall pretty good! I would do this again. Maybe again on this same trip!

I ate dinner with some interesting people last night and one was in Quebec City just a few weeks ago! He was able to tell me some things and says its really easy to wander and soak up the city. He said four days is plenty of time to spend there and really see the place. He is from Spain but his company set up a business in the US and he was sent to Las Vegas for a conference. On the plane to Las Vegas, he had a stroke! He said it all non-chalantly and I nearly spit my lettuce from the salad out in my sputtering response of “You had a WHAT?”. And so he missed the conference to be in the hospital. The doctors told him not to fly, so here he is heading back east by train! And is now the first person I have met with any recent experience in Quebec! He has a really good attitude about it and is enjoying seeing the country this way. Plus, I was really happy to conveniently have a Quebec City travel advisor suddenly across from me at dinner as we rolled through Colorado. I mean, how convenient, right? The other two at the table were nice as well. One woman was a lady that my Dad helped out on the platform in Albuquerque so she could buy some jewelry from the vendors. She was really nice and wanted me to tell him thank you for her (so, thanks, Dad!). All in all, this has been a nice beginning of the trip. I have about an hour before I expect to get to Kansas City. I can get some more logic puzzle time in.


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