Don’t worry, be happy.

Today went much better than I expected. I had an outreach event at a huge high school and everyone was too busy to come with me, so I was going alone and the librarian wanted me to issue library cards and I was envisioning a mob scene because the last time I worked an event alone at that school it was a mob scene. I lost my voice from talking to over 400 people in just a couple of hours. It was non-stop people, but that was for a resource fair for families from all over the South Valley and today was just the open house for the high school. The high school is the largest in the city with nearly 2500 students. So, anyway, I was heading into this chaos again this evening and it turned out to be just fine, as most things that you worry over tend to do. I was given a table that was sort of behind the Navajo Club who were giving out Navajo Tacos, so the long line sort of blocked me from the roaming crowds. And after just an hour and a half, the students and families were all supposed to start to visit their classes. Still, I talked to over 70 people and issued 18 library cards in about 90 minutes, so it wasn’t bad at all. Definitely worth the trip because those 18 might not ever have come into a library and now they have access to the databases and e-books and, if they do need a book, they’ve already gotten over the ‘bureaucratic’ part of the process. And I was more than able to handle the whole thing by myself. That’s the funny thing about worrying, it’s positively the most useless activity and I really haven’t had any situation ever end up turning out the way I thought it would when I spent time worrying over it. There’s a lot of energy wasted in thinking about all the stress and bad things that might happen in any given situation, and think how rare it is for things to really go as poorly as you believe it could. There are a lot of people in this area who tend to see only negative things in the world, and expend most of their energy complaining, lecturing, and trying to warn people about all the bad things they believe are just around the corner. I think there’s not much in it, though. There is bad in the world, but the good outweighs the bad, I believe. People find hope in dire situations and they hold on to it, they become resourceful and find joy in small things, otherwise humanity wouldn’t have survived this long. One thing that has my community buzzing is the Pope’s visit to the United States. I know two people from my Spanish class who got surprise tickets to go see the Pope when he comes to Washington, D.C. next week to speak to Congress. They’ve been busily getting their plans together for hotels and flights and things, and they are so excited! I’m not Catholic, but I really admire this Pope. He seems to ‘get it’. He’s one of those who sees that there are problems in the world, but he doesn’t complain about it, he provides hope and happiness and realistic solutions wherever he seems to go. I like him. I don’t see myself converting to Catholicism because I think the Pope has a good head on his shoulders, but I like that there is a major religious leader who seems to understand the modern world and his place in it. I expect my fellow students will be bubbling over with plenty of news to share about their trip upon their return!

Another good thing was the launch of my classic movie program last weekend at the library. I am going to start showing older movies once a month, geared toward adults, but really open to all ages as long as they can be quiet and not constantly go in and out of the curtained program room. I showed “To Kill A Mockingbird” on Saturday and two people came and watched the whole thing. While that seems like a small number, it’s pretty good for our first event and also, one of the two people came in this week and was still talking about how much she enjoyed the movie and how good it was. Huzzah! Neither seemed very interested in next month’s choice, “Frankenstein”, but maybe I’ll get someone else interested and they will attend! I’m currently trying to watch a possible movie choice for November, “A Streetcar Named Desire”, but it’s sort of not working for me. I own it and it’s okay, but I think maybe I’ll go a different route. I’m feeling sort of indecisive about November’s movie choice. I’ve already thought of two and dumped both of them. I’ll keep looking.

More happiness is that we had 1 family show up for our Music & Movement program, the first in the entire month that I’ve been trying to do this program. I even have a co-worker now assigned to be my back-up person for this program when I’m on vacation. I think we’ll learn how to get better about fashioning the program to suit the age of the child. The program was a bit higher level than the 18 month-old girl could handle, but it was another good lesson for me in library programming. It was nice to just get a chance to try out the program on a real family. The freeze dance segment at the end and the parachute activities were by far the most popular with the little one. So, maybe more of that! They might return this week, they said. We’ll see. I’m going to be better prepared for smaller children this week, just in case they do actually return.

I decided to live on the edge this week and buy two dresses from the mystery stylish surprise sale from It’s usually a very hit or miss investment, because sometimes the dresses aren’t something you (or anybody, really) should ever wear or could pull off very well at all. But, I’m willing to give it a try. You can usually try to swap or re-sell the things you get that aren’t your style. And the price they charge for the mystery garments are always less than the retail cost they’d charge if you bought it from the website. So, in a week or so I’ll have two new dresses, and I’ll either like them or they’ll be worth a laugh, at the very least.

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