I’m waiting on the day

Today was a dance storytime. I had decided to introduce the preschoolers to some of my favorite songs, so I made a mix of several (clean) songs from Jackson 5, Paul Simon, Van Halen, Aretha Franklin, James Taylor and many others. I think I wore them out! We danced much of the time and there were some that were a bit too intimidated by the dancing to really let loose, but I had a few who were really going for it. I hope to bring more music and dance into this particular group’s storytime because I think they’d benefit from it.

Other than that, my boss left for vacation halfway through today, which leaves me in charge of the branch. It’s not tough. Personnel stuff is usually the most annoying things for managers, I think. We are a small branch, so just three other staff members to oversee, plus my teens for Summer Reading. My teenage Summer Reading Volunteers are the highlight of my day sometimes. They’re freaking awesome! Optimistic, happy to help, good at their jobs, and generally upbeat and reliable. Everything I like in a person I’m supposed to be supervising. I have three guys and one young lady and they are fun and fantastic. They’ve made my first attempt at running SRP infinitely easier.

A perk of being a public librarian is the ease with which I can get movies, music, and books! I’m currently listening to John Mayer’s cd “Paradise Valley” and it’s good, I think. I like John Mayer. You don’t hear much from him any more these days. In fact, I saw him playing guitar next to Ed Sheeran on an awards performance earlier this year and they didn’t even put his name up on the screen as being on stage. It was sort of crazy, I thought. I know he hasn’t had a hit for a while, but I feel like his guitar-playing style is distinct enough to be recognizable and wouldn’t you give the dude some credit for playing guitar when he’s got a little solo riff alongside another guitar player? Anyhow, I’m enjoying this cd. It’s sort of folksy and probably less radio-friendly than his earlier stuff. But, I prefer this to some of his earlier stuff. Its nice when you, as a fan, can grow alongside musicians you enjoy. I feel the same way about Weezer. I like everything they’ve done. I have friends who loved them in the 1990s and then couldn’t stand them in the 2000s because the sound changed too much for them. I like them. Still. Everything they’ve done, I’ve enjoyed the music for what it is. It’s probably the only part of my life that has any sort of resemblance to loyalty and commitment. I can take the music with me no matter where I go and remember where I’ve been and dream of where I’m hoping I end up. It’s convenient. So, thank you for the music, to all the musicians and wonderful songwriters of all the music I love and the music that I’m destined to enjoy in the future. Cheers to you all.

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