Nearly swimming weather.

This marks the beginning of a new blog for me. I haven’t blogged in a long time, but I think it’s a good exercise. Just to get your thoughts together. Whether anybody ever stumbles across a person’s writings is, to me, secondary to the importance of just having a space to write.

I am currently a children’s librarian in New Mexico, but I won’t use this space solely to speak about librarian things. I like my job most days, although it definitely been an uphill battle some days just to feel content and make sure I have an idea of what I’m trying to do with the oodles of children I work with and try to serve in an (at least) marginally helpful way. I run a weekly storytime, of which I’m sure there will be paragraphs devoted; I do a lot of outreach into the schools; run the summer reading program; and offer various activities for kids at the library. I work at a smaller branch in a larger system in an area of town that is somewhat insulated from the rest of the city. People who live in the area I serve tend to stay in that part of town and those who don’t live there have hardly any reason to come to that part of town. So, in some ways, the community I serve is tighter-knit, even though we live in a city of over half a million folks. It’s nice some days, challenging some days, and awful some days. Sometimes I think I should just go back to having a cubicle job. An 8-5 Monday-Friday pencil-pusher type of job that I could just mundanely do and forget about the minute I leave the office building. It’s tempting sometimes, but I have trouble imagining where exactly those jobs are found? I don’t know anybody who does that.

Today being Monday, it is the end of my weekend. My weekends are Sunday and Monday. I had a nice day today. I did some laundry and hung out at the pool while I waited for the laundry to finish. It was very nice. The pool is just a little chilly, but perfect to sit on the edge and let your legs dangle in the water. It was nice and calm on a Monday morning, too. I think maybe another week and the pool will be ready for me to fully swim. I’m ready! Dad came later and we went to the zoo and watched many of the animals swimming. The polar bears were belly-flopping off their ledges into their pools after fish that one of the keepers was throwing in over the fence. It turns out it was a special snack for the two bears. They don’t always get fed at 4pm, but only sometimes and we happened to be there for their snacktime. It was very cute. The seals were also happily swimming back and forth in their pools. And we saw the baby hippo and his mom, who were also in and out of their pool. The baby was born on April 14th and he’s adorable. He’s able to swim and stay close to his mom, who keeps him very close. The zoo hasn’t named him yet, but I’m sure they’ll have a contest soon for naming him. There were twin chimpanzees born last fall who were just named Rio and Dezi recently as the outcome of a contest.

The zoo here is part of the Biopark, which includes an aquarium and botanic garden also. It’s a wonderful organization and there’s a fantastic membership rate of just $25.00 for an entire year. You get free entrance into all three parks plus some discounts at gift shops and there are some special events for members. It’s wonderful. It’s a great attraction here in Albuquerque. One of the best things about this city, I think.

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